Booste is a fintech platform that offers revenue-based financing for eCommerce brands.

Booste is designed specifically for eCommerce businesses. We understand the dynamics of the world of eCommerce and will help you to thrive in it. With our experts’ knowledge, we will help you ensure the healthy growth of your online brand.

You will receive additional funds that will allow you to accelerate the growth of your business. It is a clear and simple process with no credit checks, equity loss or personal guarantees. You will receive an offer in less than 48 hours. Repayments are based on your revenue so you will never have to pay more than you actually can.

To apply for our financing, you need to present at least 6 months of your revenue history, this way we can prepare the best offer for your store. Your business must be incorporated, and your store should be built on one of the platforms we support. You should also be running digital marketing campaigns or using the services of marketing agencies.

There is no interest. We do not charge applications, arrangements, or any other fees. You will know the exact total amount you are paying, before you accept the offer.

Our current fee is 6% for marketing and 9% for inventory funding. This is the only cost associated with the borrowed capital.

You will be able to use the funds to pay for your online advertisements (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) , marketing services provided by an agency or pay for inventory.

As soon as you sign the agreement, you will receive a virtual card which you can use as a payment method on the advertisements platforms. You will also be able to upload your invoices for the marketing services to process payment through Booste.


It is easy! Fill in the application form and then either get on a call with our advisor, or just connect your platforms in the app. We use this data to specify the funding offer for you. When you accept the offer, you will be guided by your advisor to sign the contract.

We use a data driven approach in order to prepare the best offer for you. We use your sales data to determine your funding offers (you must have at least 1 sales, and 1 marketing account in order to get funded). This data-driven approach means that there are no personal guarantees or credit checks.

You can access your funds in as little as 24 hours from applying online. The first step is to see if you qualify. You can do that by completing the 3-minute survey on our homepage.

There are no hidden fees. Only one, fixed fee of 6% for the whole amount of borrowed money.

Our success team is standing by to help you with any issue that may arise during your time with Booste. You can reach us by leaving your phone number for a call back or sending us an email. Find our contact us page here.


The provided data is necessary for us to prepare an offer for you and conduct the qualification process. Your data will be used with the purpose of direct marketing of Booste products or services, including advertising and the promotion of these products and services – on the basis of your consent. Read more about this in our privacy policy.

All information you share with Booste is secured. We have limited access to your data. We can never see your login information for any of your connected accounts. We can only view the data you share with us – in other words, we are never able to change or modify it in any way. Read more about this in our privacy policy.

Our transform protocol is protecting the data you share with Booste by encrypting and decrypting text via OpenSSL using AES-256 and AES-128 encryption. We only use SSL when connecting to your platforms. All sensitive values are signed using a message authentication code (MAC) so that their underlying value can not be modified or tampered with once encrypted. Booste has read-only access to all of your connected platforms which means we are never able to modify your data.

During the registration process, we will ask for your name, surname, e-mail address, and phone number. During the time you are using our platform, we will also be processing such data as the IP address, device ID address, data provided in order to be qualified for financing. You can get more information in our Privacy Policy.


Revenue based financing is an innovative way of financing fast growing businesses without losing any control or selling shares. It allows incredible flexibility in terms of repayment, as it is fully based on your revenue. To read more about revenue based financing go here

We understand that your business will fluctuate from month to month, so our repayments are tied to your sales. We agree with you a percentage of revenue which you will then share with us until the advance and flat fee is repaid. This means that if the market slows or your sales drop, your repayments will slow (or stop) too.

We will automatically collect the repayments, either by connecting to your payment processor or by direct debit so you do not need to worry about remembering.

Most businesses share 5-25% of future revenues. We will agree the final percentage individually, based on your budget and business needs.

Yes, our funding can scale with your business. If your company has significantly grown, contact your account manager to discuss your options. We want to be your long term growth partner, not a one time lender.

Yes, invoices from Booste are normally classified as costs, similarly to all other invoices, e.g. for utilities or inventory. However, please remember that the financing you receive from us has to be considered as your revenue, so please book it accordingly.

Only the amount you spend in a given month can be classified as a revenue. The basis for considering this as a revenue is the agreement with Booste and the list of transactions.