Our Partners
We strive for excellence and so do our partners. We work with innovative, ambitious and experienced companies that care about their clients and are motivated to help them grow and succeed.
Customer Experience Solutions for E-commerce. Everything you need to aquire, engage, inspire and retain your customers in e-commerce. All in one system. Increase your sales and grow your business thanks to full automation, intelligent CRM system and support of our customer success team.
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With a team of more than 70 specialists, the agency provides quality end-to-end services in performance marketing, communications strategy, creative ideas and content creation, social media management and web design. It is the preferred marketing partner for Facebook, a Google Ads partner and Tik Tok’s advertising partner.
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We specialise in Google Ads campaigns. We’ve been a certified Google “CSS Premium Partner” since 2019.
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JustIdea is a complementary 360° interactive agency in which the measure of success is our clients’ achievements. The quality, original design and individual approach to every single one of our projects is what distinguishes us from the competition. We support our clients with enthusiasm, in every business sector, paving their way for international expansion.
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Sky-Shop is a software for running an online store, selling on Allegro and Dropshipping. Years of experience of the best e-commerce specialists on the market guarantee the perfect support for your e-business.
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Magic Social
Magic Social Media agency is one of the few marketing agencies in Poland that allow long-term remote work for their employees, and successfully manage businesses of more than 100 happy customers. Dagmara, CEO at MCM has over 10 years long experience in e-marketing. She works with specialists who manage marketing, strategic and PR activities of their clients.
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PrestaShop is the leading ecommerce platform in Europe and Latin America. PrestaShop offers a wide range of additional features that make running an ecommerce business easier and more efficient.
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Planet Plus
Planet Plus is a platform through which you can get a refund of some money spent on your purchases in over 1,100 online stores. For every transaction you make via planetplus.com, you’ll get some of your cash back. What is more, cashback works also with promotions and sales!
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We help e-commerce to boost sales with customer reviews. Collect transactional reviews about your products, services and your business. Do it with Zaufane.pl in a dead simple way, both, for you and your customer. With Zaufane.pl you will: position your business high in Google; build trust among your future customers; boost your sales.
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